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A little bit about Mali Mango's humble beginnings
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About Us

Sometime before our little daughter’s 2ndbirthday (the first one is a bit of a blur) I was looking into getting her a little den. Somewhere to hide, sleep, read, hide all our shoes. A little place that would be just hers and would spark her imagination.


So I started looking around and couldn’t find what I had in my mind. I wanted a mini version of the real outdoor Teepee. It needed to be simple, natural and high quality, something she and I would want to keep.


When I could’t find it I decided to make one. I enjoyed the learning curve of setting myself up and so Mali Mango was born in late 2016. I think I will forever remember the moment my first order came in and how I took the time to make it perfect. Each Teepee since has been and always will be made with the same values.


Hope you like our Teepees and please feel free to drop us a line with any thoughts or comments you have.


Monday to Saturday: 9am to 6pm GMT

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